Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payout day?
Payout day is Wednesday.
What is the minimal payout amout?
The minimal payout amount is 50 USD.
What kind of traffic do you accept?
Trafgid is a global advertising network so we accept all traffic that you can offer us but CPC depend of Advertisers` demand.
Do you have special requirements to websites?
We prefer websites with the minimum amount of 1000 unique organic visitors daily.
Can I be Publisher and advertiser simultaneously?
No, you can not.
How long shall I wait for website approval?
Usually approval takes up to 24 hours.
I`ve placed banner call code and made a click on ad, but my balance was not increased. Why it happen?
You will start earning money after approval of your resource. It is prohabited to make clicks by advertising block on your own websites - your clicks were estimated as fraudent.
Why do you need access to my website statistics?
We are monitoring your website traffic quality and it is just another way to be sure that you don`t use fraudent practices.
I`ve just inserted banner call code to my website but I don`t see any advertising.
Probably you had restricted too many categories. Try to change filters.
How can I order payout?
You can use Payments section of webmaster interface.
I`ve changed block layout but changes could not be seen on my website.
Try to clear cache and wait about 5 minutes.
How much do you pay per 1 click?
Advertiser set cost per click for his creatives. Our network choose most profitable ones for your placement.
Do you accept doorway traffic?
Yes, we do accept doorway traffic.
How do you make payout?
Payouts are made automatically for webmasters who reached minimal payout balance.
I have placed banner call code on my website but can not see any advertisement.
Banner call code must be placed into your template. We reccomend not to use third party advertising rotation systems for our code as it can cause malfunction of our code.
Can I put same banner call code to several websites?
We allow such action only in case if you use that call code for doorway network. Otherwise you must generate individual codes for your websites.